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In 2001 Heritage Group was chosen by Mitsui & Co., Japan to partner a joint venture in Sri Lanka.  This was the first step in the creation of our advanced tea cleaning, blending and processing plant.
The equipment which makes up the Plant consists of:
  1. Dust extractor units and a dust containment unit.  This machinery extracts excess and unwanted dust and tea dust particles to give a clean and uniform blend.
  2. Grid, bar and drum magnet units.  These units are present to remove any metallic particles out of the tea, such as fine iron filling particles, nails, etc.  The magnets are of varying strength so that even the heaviest metallic particles are removed before blending and processing.
  3. Sifter and vibrator unit.  This stage of cleaning weeds out all the non-metallic particles from the tea, such as paper, wood, string, etc.  This is done by utilizing two fine wire meshes to trap and remove extraneous matter from the tea.
  4. Blending drum.  The largest unit of the plant.  This is a food grade stainless steel drum capable of blending 1,500 Kg of tea per blend cycle (approx. 20 minutes).  The unit rotation mixes the teas within the drum producing uniform blends.
  5. Advanced metal detection unit.  The most sophisticated machine attached to the process.  This machine is tasked with extracting any and all ferrous and non-ferrous particles found in the tea.  This is done by a two stage sensor system which detects and rejects extremely minute particles which maybe preset in the blended teas.
The plant adheres to the highest quality standards, and conforms to the stringent requirements of both ISO 9001:2000, HACCP and NAASA certification.

We have also gone to great lengths to ensure employee safety, and to incorporate measures to ensure that the tea is hygienically placed at our facility.  With all of this, the company's plant has earned a reputation for being one of the best blending and processing facilities in Sri Lanka.

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